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Rogers Pass Ski Touring

Glacier National Park, British Columbia



Glacier National Park has set aside a treasure of terrain and snow for all to use. This hut based trip will give you access to some of the greatest ski terrain in Western Canada. We plan this trip for the month of March, when conditions are at their peak. All touring trips are based on the “earn your turns concept.” We can access glacier terrain on several of the days. This guided adventure places safety and training in the highest priority. Stephen has the terrain “dialed” here and knows how to get the most out of each day at “The Pass”.


This five day trip is based out of Wheeler Hut just west of Rogers Pass. This hut is just a twenty minute ski in from the Trans Canada Highway. This rustic hut puts us away from the highway, but close to the mountains we came to ski. A large number of great trips are accessed with the hut acting as a hub. The climbing rope and mountaineering technique instruction will be provided by the guides if terrain and conditions require it.


DAY 1 - Meet at the Glacier Park Visitor Center in the morning. Safety training is first, followed by a tour from that same parking lot. Balu Pass is a common destination. Open bowl skiing is a real option on this day. We drive to the parking lot for Wheeler Hut, then ski in to our accommodations.

DAY 2 - A full day tour to the Illecillewaet Valley and on to Lookout Col. The Illecillewaet Glacier is an alternate destination.

DAY 3 - We slide back to the highway and tour across the Little Sifton Traverse, or up to access Bruins Pass and the 8812 Glacier beyond.

DAY 4 - A full day tour up the Asulkan Drainage to either Youngs Peak area, the Dome, or Sapphire Col. These trips have glacier skiing and a chance to summit on a 2,500 to 2,800 meter peak.

DAY 5 - We ski to the Dome Glacier and the “Land of the Mushroom People.” Alternate destination is the “Practice Slopes” and on to the flanks of Mt. Sir Donald. We depart the hut area in the late afternoon, say goodbyes, then head on home.

NOTE  - Selection of trips offered by the guide is dependant on the group and the conditions on the mountain. If trip cannot be completed as planned, the guides will reorganize the destination. Flexibility is the key.


Participants must be intermediate or better skiers who can ski tour for 5 to 8 hours with a reasonable day pack. All tours at Rogers Pass go into avalanche terrain. Your guide is there for your safety, education, and enjoyment. Prior glacier travel experience is not required. Coaching and instruction will be provided. Technical and standard mountain gear is available for rent or purchase if needed (contact us for information).


Please see our gear list section for the complete list of recommended personal items for our hut based ski mountaineering trips.


Includes five days of instruction and guiding by licensed certified guides, hut accommodation for four nights, lightweight but hearty food for all five days prepared by a cook/guide, parks wilderness pass. The guide to guest ratio will be not more than six guests to one certified guide.


Rate Date Availability
$1,595 Please Call Open
  • rates do not include 5% GST
  • rates are per-person
  • Avalanche Safety Gear Rental is Avalanche Safety Gear Rental is $30-/person/day plus 5% GST
  • Book early to ensure that we can make hut reservations